Future colour trends for the fashion and design industries

We are a specialist colour trend forecasting company. Tuning in and deciphering the future.

Trend Books

Trend Books

Seasonally produced trend books including analysis of colour evolutions and trend development broken down across 3 titles. Activate introduces and activates the season in more general ‘open brained’ colour statements. The Womens Pure and Mens Pure colour books follow, these drill down to specific trends and range plays.

The d.cipher team work on colour and trend prediction nearly two years ahead for the trend books and even further ahead for their bespoke clients. The books are a compilation of thoughts and ideas, focused into clear thinking compact groups of stories that reflect coming trends.

The Trend Books are used by d.cipher clients to get the season rolling, it’s easier to make progress when you have somewhere to start from d.cipherfm create a balance between the ‘cutting edge’ and the commercial needs of their client base to formulate the seasonal trends. Our major strength is converting those hunches and factual data into brilliant colour palettes.

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Swatch Service

Swatch Service

Our current and past seasons’ colours are all available to order as 10×20cm (4"×8") swatches. You can order them by contacting us direct or via your agent.

Why use the d.cipherfm swatch service?
It’s a fast and efficient service, in most cases we can deliver the next day or within 2 days. The swatch service is tool that can help you get to the right shade for your range, we have many alternative nuances within our colour archives that can’t be found in Pantone or Scotdic.

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Colour Clinic

One-to-one and group sessions. If you would like to discuss your colour needs and let us help with a personalised service, we can adapt to suit your needs, ask us about anything from:-

  1. Larger or smaller swatches
  2. Matching your snips to our Colour Archive
  3. Help evolving your seasonal palettes at whatever stage you’re at (we can do this remotely as well)
  4. Supply and production of swatched and printed palettes.
  5. Bespoke Colour Workshops

“When we select and develop the colours for our seasonal palettes we always consider how the colour will be best used. Colour plays are at the core of our work, whether it’s for a client or our books.”

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Colour Archive

The Colour Archive contains over 1500 colours and is growing every season. It’s a compilation of our forecast fashion colours dyed over the past 30+ seasons, intelligently selected and unique to our publications.

A unique tool for selecting colour, which is backed up by our Swatch Service. Swatches are exhaust dyed for colour fastness, on the finest cotton poplin. Once bought, you can update the system with our seasonal packages.

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d.cipherfm is a specialist behind the scenes colour trend business based in the Greater London area. “Our motivation and passion is that we can back up our forecasts with the swatch services, converting subjective trends into a valuable tool that can help you get the job done faster, more efficiently and with the right colour choices.”

Lead by the creative head and founder Christine Foden who has close to 30 years as an industry professional, together with her core team they adapt the d.cipherfm services to suit the changing needs of their customers.

When a book alone is not enough, there is the full bespoke service. Working from the d.cipherfm research starting points they will adapt the colour to create palettes that are a perfect fit for the customer. First by listening, then by proposing options, in most cases the final palettes and trends are the conclusion of a collaborative process.


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